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Design Thinking 101

Apr 13, 2021

Thank you for listening to this Ask Like a Designer episode of the Design Thinking 101 Podcast.

In my coaching conversations, I help people take a more holistic view of life and work. We find experiments that define values, shape goals and establish habits. This episode is about running your own experiments using our system for high performance with living well at its core — Fluid Hive’s Good-Life Operating System. 

In these short Ask Like a Designer episodes on the Design Thinking 101 podcast, you’ll find new ways to explore the show’s stories and ideas about design-driven innovation. I’ll share methods, templates, and ideas that have worked in my practice in teaching.

This episode is based on this article: ALD 004 // Your Good-Life OS: Designing a System for Living Well and Peak Performance. Read the article and others like it on Fluid Hive’s Ask Like a Designer.

What did you think of this episode? Please send your questions, suggestions, and guest ideas to Dawan and the Fluid Hive team.

Cheers ~ Dawan

Design Thinking 101 Podcast Host

President, Fluid Hive


Show Highlights

[00:51] You can use design thinking to help you create your system for living well.

[01:03] Living well is the foundation of high performance.

[01:52] What’s your purpose?

[02:13] The three questions we all need to answer to create the Good-Life Operating System.

[02:54] Efficiency procrastination.

[03:22] Researching habit formation.

[04:19] Incorporating the variables of time and change into goal-setting.

[04:54] Binary measurements for goal outcomes tracking.

[06:05] Secular Goals vs. Value Goals.

[07:19] Using “I am someone who…” to establish value goals.

[08:07] Three obstacles to the Good-Life OS.

[09:45] The benefit of regular Life Scans.

[10:40] How to set up your own Life Scan.

[11:17] Bringing it all together to get your Good-Life OS up and running.

[12:21] Free Ask Like a Designer Thinking Tool to help you create your GoodLife OS.

[12:59] Design Thinking 101 Learning courses.

[13:29] The Innovation SmartStart webinar.


Design Thinking 101 Learning — Courses and More

Design Thinking 101 Learning helps people learn, lead and apply design-driven innovation. Each training course focuses on a different collection of actions and skills critical to using design thinking effectively and getting the results you seek.

Please join me in the first course, Design Thinking 101 — Framing: Creating Better Solutions by Finding More Valuable Problems to Solve

Each course is structured to help your innovation actions create what you need for the people you serve, your organization and yourself.


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